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Mammogram to Screen

This risk of breast cancer increases with age. That is why it's important when you turn 50 , for all menopausal women to get regular mammograms.

Having a mammogram is your best defence against breast cancer because it can detect the disease in it's early stages, before it is detected on a breast exam with your doctor. This improves odds on survival  and can help avoid more extensive treatments.

The procedure is safe and takes up to 20 minutes and discomfort is minimal for most women.

Mammograms can save your life, put this in your diary, check to see if you have a family history and discuss with your doctor any issues that you might have.

This is important, 20 minutes out of your year is all that it takes.



Bowel Cancer Screening

Bowel Cancer is Australia's second biggest cancer killer. You receive a test in the post when you turn 50. Then every 2nd year around your birthday you receive another one,


This is such a simple procedure, you take a sample of your bowel movement. Send it back with your reply paid envelope and then the results are sent back to you within 2 weeks.

If detected early, bowel cancer can be successfully treated in more than 90% of cases.

You need to look after yourself and keep on top of the tests that you need to do once you turn 50.



Financial Advisor

When you turn 50 you need to start asking yourself some questions about your retirement in the next 10-15years. Are you on track and what things do you need to change to ensure you have a comfortable retirement.

Do you need to increase your superannuation payments and how will taxes impact your income.

Speak to a financial advisor and ask the following questions.

  • What Do You Look Forward to Doing the Most in Retirement?

  • How Long Do You Need Your Money to Last?

  • How Much Retirement Savings Will You Actually Need?

  • How Much Should You Be Saving Today?

  • How Much Can You Afford to Spend Yearly Once Retired?

 Appointment with Dentist


Make an appointment with a dentist. Keeping your mouth and gums clean is imperative for maintaining your overall health and keeping your teeth forever.

Let's face it dentists are expensive, and they are the furthest thing from your mind, but instead of having major issues later in life, it's best to put 30 minutes aside during the week or on a Saturday morning to check that all is fine. Even if its every second year that you go. 

Remember, prevention is better than cure.



When you turn 50, it's as if your body seems to change automatically. If your in good health, you should get at least 150 minutes of moderate cardio activity a week.

Excess alcohol can contribute to a slower metabolism and your waistline can ncrease. 

Do what's right for yourself, maybe join a gym or a local exercise group. This is great way to meet people who also have a desire to keep fit and get individual results. Otherwise, there are heaps of free u tube exercise classes online that you can do in the comfort of your home. e.g pilates, yoga etc 

Another option may be to walk every night or early mornings.

Menapause for Women


A great website to view information about Menopause in women between 45-55 is or

This provides the symptoms like irregular periods, hot flushes, mood swings etc due to the changing levels of hormones in your body.

It also talks about treatments being offered. 

Some women suggest that diet and regular exercise has helped them. Whilst others look into natural medicines . However, the treatments are varied, therefore would recommend speaking to your doctor to obtain more information that will help you through this part of your life. Speak to other women that have experienced menopause and get their advice.



Diet once turnng 50

At 50, people should start making adjustments to their diet, incorporating more omega-3 fats, fruits & vegetables whilst limiting sugar intake.

It's important to eat foods that promote healthy digestion, heart health and weight maintenance. Your metabolism slows down, and your more likely to lose muscle mass and see changes in your weight.

Your body changes as you age, so you need to look after it by eating more healthy.



Excess Alchol warnings

Majority of people love to have a drink, who does't enjoy an alcohol beverage after a hard days work. 


Consuming 5 or more drinks a night for women and 7 or more drinks a night for men is considered excessive or heavy drinking. (

For any help refer to

Moderate your alcohol consumption with the increased risk of kidney and liver disease. 



Bucket List. Where to go next !!

This is a great time to create your bucket list. It's going to take awhile to get through your list, so why not start now while you are young, fit and healthy.Some suggestions.

African Safari    

Sleep under the stars

Mediterranean Cruise.

Ride a horse 

Go to a World Cup game

Walk the Great Wall of China

Travel somewhere you haven't been

Reconnect with old friends

See a music legend

Experience the Northern Lights



Skincare after 50

You will start noticing fine lines and wrinkles. To minimise age related skin changes, ensure you use a sunscreen, a high quality moisturiser which replenish the moisture your skin begins to lose when you age.



Time outside for your Mental Health

Being outside boosts your energy, getting away from your everyday jobs lets you unwind and relax.

Refer to "Change of Scenery" from the home page, seeing where everyone else is travelling to escape for relaxation.



Family Reunion

You never know what's around the corner for every one of us. In one family, it might be a yearly get together, designed to allow young cousins to bond despite living far apart. 

Other families it may be a relative that is sick that you come together. Life is too short, try not to hold onto any grudges, let go of things that keep you apart.

  Don't worry about the things in life you have no control over, instead focus your energy on the things you can change, being positive and confident helps us to look forward instead of looking backwards.
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