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Caring for an animal

Pets, especially cats and dogs, can reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Especially easing the effects of loneliness. It encourages exercise which can improve cardiovascular health.

Pets provide companionship for older adults, especially if you are living alone.

If your not ready for the responsibility, maybe do pet minding as an alternative.



Exercise classes

Group classes can be great to form friendships. It's a great social outlet and can be a lot of fun.

Exercise can help you to retain your happiness and take your mind off things that are troubling you. It's a way to just let go and concentrate on a goal.

Having a focus on life, improving your health and enjoying other people's company on a regular basis is helping your mental health.




Musicals bring people together.

It's a great way to bring family and friends together for a great event. 

Musicals are described as magical and truely an extraordinary experience. It could become an annual event, and something to look forward too. Often, theatre performances demonstrate to us the love, the strength, the determination, etc. that we need to move forward in our lives.

Getting online.


Talking to people online is a great way to battle loneliness. 

It allows you to stay in a comfortable , safe place like your home and still make contact with the outside world.

Think about what your interests are and see what's out there that you may want to get involved with. 



Ever thought of joining a sporting team? This is a great way to meet new friends and an ongoing commitment.  It is a great escape from the real world troubles.

It provides a sense of belonging and keeps you physically active.



The beach is very relaxing. The sound of the waves crashing on the shore, the sand between your toes, and just having a great time with friends and family is the best part. The beach is a getaway for some people.  When people think of summer they think of the beach. The beach is the place where people go to enjoy themselves.

People go to the beach for the different activities you can do there, like surfing, swimming, fishing etc




When you’re feeling lonely, volunteering helps to get you out into the world, connects you with the community and, by keeping you busy, helps take your mind off your own problems. There are lots of charities in your local area that will be looking for volunteers. Try local nursing homes, childcare centres, or shops the Salvation Army. is a great place to start.


          LOCAL CAFE

Local Cafe

It's very important to get out of the house, even if it's for a short time. 

Head down to your local coffee shop with your favourite book, or get a newspaper . A change of atmosphere will really help you to relax, take in your surroundings and be around other people. You need to take time out for yourself.


         EATING OUT

Eating out

There is nothing better than meeting up with friends for lunch or dinner.

Experience some of the restaurants in your area and try to make it at least once a month with family or friends.

Try to challenge yourself and experience different types of cuisine.


              MEET UP

Meet up

Join a group to meet people, try something new, or do more of what you love.

Learn to cook , hike a mountain, build a mobile app, sports and fitness, photography, painting, outdoor adventures, health and wellness etc.

Head to and browse through all the groups in your area and see if you are interested in joining and it's all free. There are thousands of meet ups , it would  be impossible not to fine one that your like.




The best thing about travel is that the cost has gone down dramatically. It is so cheap to travel to other countries. Why not even go on a 7 day cruise which includes all your meals, accommodation and entertainment. 

Go away for the weekend and experience another city, take your mind of things and escape your environment. 



Writing a journal

You have a lot to be thankful for in your life, a great way to get your feeling out is to write them down in a journal.

Start by writing the things that you are grateful for and then write a list of the things you wish to accomplish during the week.

The good thing about having a journal you can always go back and read it. Sometimes you can go back and discover why you feel lonely and what you need to change in our life to improve your Mental Heath.

  Don't worry about the things in life you have no control over, instead focus your energy on the things you can change, being positive and confident helps us to look forward instead of looking backwards.
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