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Stay Connected

It's important to connect regularly with friends and family. Staying connected is the greatest challenge in senior years.

It's not too late to learn how to use technology. Keep connected with a mobile phone to keep in touch with loved ones. 

Try and get out of the house , whether it's going for a walk, being in your garden, doing your regular shopping each week.

Make a lunch date with a friend or family member every 2nd week so that you keep up with your social outings.



Seniors Card

Every country would have certain programs to assist the seniors.


In Australia: 

The seniors card offers discounts and government concession, it aims to help seniors live healthier, more active and affordable lives in retirement.

The Seniors Savers Card was introduced to expand benefits to seniors who are still working after age 60.

You can apply online if living in Australia

or phone 137788



Age Pension

Age pensions around the world are slightly different, the current qualification age for Australia is 66 years.

It is designed to provide income support to those who need it.

You need to meet age and residency requirements, which is also means tested.

For more information www,

Residential Care


Seniors that are unable to live in their own home, it's important they have options to receive the care they need.

The residential care provides accommodation to seniors so they can maintain their health and wellbeing.

Age care homes provide:

day to day tasks- cleaning, cooking, laundry.

Personal care- Bathing, dressing & going to the toilet.

Access to health services

Other services- Social & emotional support & entertainment.

Meals on Wheels


Meals on Wheels is a program that delivers meals to individuals at home. Not all countries have this program, but those that do is very successful for those that need a nutritional meal and are unable to cook for themselves.

After volunteering my time , it brings a smile to those people when you walk in with their meal. Your someone that they can talk to and really appreciate. It's a great service and after my experience I would recommend this to any person that needs help .

Loneliness. How to avoid


This is a huge challenge in your senior years.

I have a page dedicated purely for this reason.


If you go back to the home page, click on "Loneliness" and look at the many ways that an help and assist you.



Home Care

For those seniors that wish to remain independent in their own home can access care and support in most countries.

Personal Care -help with hygiene,

personal grooming and showering.


Domestic assistance -Cleaning, shopping, laundry.

Garden & Home - Mowing lawns, gardening, basic repairs etc

Social Support - helping with appointments, outings

Allied help - Physiotheraphy, exercise 

For Australia contact the department of health for more information.



Exercise classes

Just because you are a senior doesn't mean that you have to stay at home.

The local council will have details on all their activities being offered.

I was quite surprised at our local aquatic centre the number of seniors that do walking in the pool, swim laps, aqua aerobic classes, circuit/gym and exercise classes.  The classes are all around 9-10am each morning and you can see how much they enjoy them. 

It is a great way to make friendships with those that wish to stay healthy.




Your Mindset

Your mindset is so important. Try to keep positive and optimistic, take each day at a time and try to have a goal each week that you can accomplish.

Learn something new, you are never too old  to start a new project. Try and do something different each day

  Don't worry about the things in life you have no control over, instead focus your energy on the things you can change, being positive and confident helps us to look forward instead of looking backwards.
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